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    Liberal Democrats suspend former leader

    The Liberal Democrats have suspended former leader David Steel over remarks he made to a child abuse inquiry about the late MP Cyril Smith.

    Lord Steel said he asked Smith in 1979 about claims he abused boys at a Rochdale hostel in the 1960s.

    He said he came away from the conversation "assuming" that Smith had committed the offences but claimed it was "nothing to do with me".

    A Scottish Liberal Democrat spokesman said an investigation would take place.

    "The party membership of Lord Steel has been suspended pending the outcome of that investigation. That work will now commence.

    The fuck is wrong with people that they just think this sort of stuff isn't to be reported?

    I just cannot fathom how anyone can witness this sort of behaviour and don't do anything about it. He has 3 kids himself FFS
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    "He admitted to me that the report was correct in that he had been investigated by the police at the time and no action taken against him.

    "I had already told the inquiry in writing that in my opinion he had been abusing his position in Rochdale Council [that is to gain access to council-run children's homes], but that had been properly a matter for the police and the council, and not for me as he was neither an MP nor even a member of the Liberal Party at the time.

    "I was in no position to re-open the investigation."

    It seems like he had a conversation with someone who had been accused and investigated and believed the investigation got it wrong but didn't really have anything new to give, or the clout to force the issue.

    I've got a bigger problem with him reccomending Smith for a knighthood a decade later. He may not have had something that could restart an investigation but he didn't need to suggest he got honours Shirley?
  3. Great, he can be prosecuted now. Oh, hes dead ? Bugger.
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    There's no reason to expect Steel saying something back then to have changed anything.

    It's like you and I having a conversation after you've been investigated and me thinking afterwards "I reckon he did it". Me thinking you did it adds fuck all to the chances of an investigation being reopened.

    On another note it wouldn't surprise me at all if there was establishment interference and it wasn't investigated properly at the time.
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    Thats probably halved there membership then.
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  6. Fair point, though if he had said something to anyone in authority he would have at least covered himself.
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    He's have probably torpedoed his political career realistically. I think if he said "I suspected he was guilty of the crimes but had no new information to offer nor the sway to reopen the investigation" he wouldn't be getting the shit he's getting now.

    I'm not trying to white knight the bloke here, I'm disgusted he believed this guy was a nonce and still put him forward for honours. I just think he should be getting pelters for that rather than his statement.

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