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    Undoubtedly a fantastic sportsman, but has pushed his body too hard for too long. I think this has been coming long before his operation when he was struggling through games. Just didn't have the natural physique of some of them and has had to push himself harder than his opponents to reach the same levels. I remember him hoying up in some of his first 5 set matches as he had given it everything.
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    A lot of time for him, great player and seemed a really sound genuine fella. As most have mentioned, he’d have won loads more if he played between 95-04 rather than this current era.

    I was genuinely sad for him today, although, in time he can reflect on a great career. He now has loads of money and a young family to enjoy with a lifetime still ahead him
  3. I disagree about being the greatest British sportsman ever. The greatest British tennis player ever yes, but others are up there in the sportsman stakes

    Bobby Charlton
    Daley Thompson
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    Out of interest, which Taylor are you talking about?
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    Dennis obviously! ;)
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  6. Phil
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    That's what I was assuming :oops:

    Aye, fair dos.

    You can add Sir Anthony Peter McCoy to your list. Also, Frankel, if equine sportsmen are allowed.
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  8. Jonny Wilkinson
  9. Not even close in achievements to Murray.
  10. World Cup winner? Murray is the greatest ever tennis player, no question imo, but sportsman/woman in British history?
  11. He's been tremendous but really unlucky to be cut down in his prime when Federer, Djokovic and Nadal are still fit as lops (despite Nadal's dodgy knees)
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    So, if we took your original list of 12 and added in Jonny Wilkinson, Tony McCoy, Frankel and Andy Murray and had them all at their sporting peak age (mid to late 20s for most of them but mid to late 30s for Taylor and 4 for the horse), divided them into two lots of eight and made them compete in Superstars, who do you reckon would win?
  13. Get it right, this is Murray’s achievements playing a solo sport with global reach over a sustained period vs Wilkinson in a one off WC victory in a team of 15 where there are only a small pool of countries competing at a high level followed by moderate success at club level.

    Wilkinson was good but to compare achievements with Murray is a joke. But you know that.
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    It's always going to be incredibly difficult to compare team sportsmen with men who compete individually.
  15. I’m not disagreeing and doing Murray down

    The op said greatest British sportsman ever. I don’t agree he has been but it’s all just opinion

    Imo Bobby Charlton is ahead of Andy Murray in greatest British sportsman ever.

    Murray is undoubtedly the greatest British tennis player
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    Murray is probably too divisive to ever take that crown, purely the scottish blood is as step too far for some parts of this kingdom...
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    Can’t stand the bloke won’t be missed
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    he said the same about you iirc
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  19. Redgrave
  20. Arkle

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    I'd probably agree, although if Wiggo or Daley took it seriously they'd have a shot as well. It's be interesting to see Frankel doing squat thrusts.
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