Andy Murray

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Deano, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Miserable man
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    True though!

    You could easily name a list of likeable winners that are popular with most.

    Ronnie O'Sullivan
    Steve Redgrave
    Mo Farah
    Chris Hoy
    Steve Cram

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    Let's not forget about the highlight of his career

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    He's nee Phil Taylor.
  5. buster

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    Been crippled by his mother’s determination to have a successful tennis player for a son.
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    No-one is like Jeff Whitely.
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    Her pursuit of fame for herself has always been a bit of a weird one. Doing Strictly, famous for being Andy Murray's mam.............
  8. Fantastic career, shame it’s been cut short but he’s the greatest British tennis player of all time by some distance. He should be very proud.
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    An excellent sportsman who’s made millions has had his career cut short through an unfortunate injury. Must be devastating for him but don’t come on the telly like you’ve just lost a member of your family ffs! My brother, along with thousands of others, is just about to receive his redundancy notice from Jaguar Landrover. He’s got two kids and a mortgage. I know who I’ve got sympathy for!
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    Your brother any good at tennis ?
  11. Not really sure he was intending to turn it into a game of sympathy Top Trumps when he was interviewed tbh. It clearly dawned on him during the knock about with Novac that his career was over and things were a bit raw.
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    What a sad fucking twat you are!
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    Not even close.
    And to make matters worse the BBC lunchtime news has his retirement as their lead story, pathetic.
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  14. :lol:
  15. Fred Perry is the most successful British tennis player ever.

    8 grand slams, 2 doubles grand slams, 4 mixed doubles grand slams and 4 Davis Cups.

    First person to win all four major grand slams in a season.

    Murray is still a phenomenal sportsman though. Watching him win Wimbledon will always be a great memory.
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    He's the greatest British tennis player of all time end of.
    His only serious rival would be Fred Perry, but I would suggest that Murray's achievements in the ultra competitive modern era surpasses Perry's from the 30's.
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    Anyone but England.
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    Woah over egging it a bit there. You think he'd be as successful as Sampras??

    For people who say he's unfortunate to be a tough era, do you realise that playing consistently against the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic has improved him as player (which he often has pointed out) and possibly wouldn't been as good a player in a different era therefore having not been exposed to these guys? It works both ways I think.

    I think Murray in a different era could've gotten 5-6 slams, but I'd be hesitant to suggest he would've been in double figures.
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    So maybe around the Agassi level then ? Still very impressive
  20. I think the point is that in most eras there were 1 or maybe 2 stand outs (McEnore/Bjorg, or Becker/Lendl etc) but this era has seen 4 stand out players and in that respect, Murray is unlucky
    Maybe 10-15 was a bit over the top, but he'd be close to 10 IMHO. He's won 3 and lost in 7 finals (I think)

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