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  1. wq0pco

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    6 of us cycling up there for an overnight stay, 2 weeks Friday..... anybody recommend pubs/places to eat who have visited recently? We've got accomm booked but any recommendations re drinking/eating would be appreciated.

    Not bothered about having anywhere flash to eat, happy with pub, more than likely.

    Boozer-wise, any good-un's up there (taking into account it's so small a place, obviously).
  2. ajthemackem

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    As if you won't all file into the first one you find.
  3. niknak_123

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    Tanners Arms and John Bull Inn for beer

    Mumbai’s is a canny Indians.

    Dirty Bottles used to be a decent smokehouse type place but not had any food in there for a while. They do decent cocktails.

    Has decent pub grub in the Oaks
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  4. I know the owner of Mumbai Flavours and it is a lovely restaurant.

    I always find there’s nothing Alnwick though, was in and out in about an hour.
  5. Goat Eyes

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    I’m saying nowt after your Wolsley thread.
  6. Patch Lafayette

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    Hogs head is canny but a bit out of town.

    Good town, plenty of decent boozers
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  7. Strawberry lounge is excellent for food mate, not a pub though just a cafe but a bloody good one.
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  8. powburn red

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    Ill second strawberry lounge if six of you can ger a seat you sre doing well mind.....great food....misvesi indians v good( take your own booze) ..tankerville arms eglingham is topnotch for food but is taxi away.Rest of places in town much of muchness...Carlos is great for sitty down fish and chips...enjoy ,north northumberland is fantastic
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  9. Hogs Head canny food for fair price.

    Fantastic Indian in Shilbottle about mile and half out of Alnwick.
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  10. I'll add the Market Tavern on Fenkle St to those, and the Strawberry lounge down Narrowgate. Don't think it's as good as it used to be though.
    The Treehouse at the Gardens is expensive but he grub is supposed to be canny.
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  11. the dark one

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    The dirty bottles. Good bait.class burgers.
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