Almost forgotten good films?

I used to love watching Laurel and Hardy when I was a kid back in the early 80's. I wonder how many under 40's nowadays would watch their films and think they are good?
Anyone remember Jimmy Grimble?
Is that the one where he scores a goal and gets picked for the team?. Nah, never heard of it.
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Brilliant film 👍
I hated it.
What was beautiful about his mind?
He was desperate for fame and attention, overcame a difficult mental challenge to invent …

A cure for cancer?
Time travel?
Clean free energy provision?
Flying cars?

No some bollocks economic method of calculating GDP or something. Give the man a medal.
There's a few on this thread getting confused between forgotten good films and stone cold classics that are often on TV and appear in pretty much every list of top 100 films published.
Already posted something similar. Doesnt seem to make a difference. We've had some of the biggest and most popular films of all time posted on here :confused: