Alloa & St Mirren ???

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Handsy1976, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Brainman

    Brainman Midfield

    Alloa and goodbye.
  2. ToneSAFC73

    ToneSAFC73 Central Defender

    Worst attempt at pretending to be a Sunderland fan I have ever come across and there's been some shit. Please try harder you gravy stained tramp.
  3. Handsy1976

    Handsy1976 Subs Bench

    How am I wrong you deluded foools ???
    If I don’t agree with your way of thinking an a mag grow up
  4. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

    ^raging at the 94th minute leveller last night
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  5. burchmackem

    burchmackem Striker

    Fuck off Toon Toon
  6. phillips10

    phillips10 Goalkeeper

    The only way the OP would get laid is if he crawled up a chicken's arse and waited a while.
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  7. Rip Van Fish

    Rip Van Fish Striker

    Happy with your point last night Custard Cock?
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  8. Handsy1976

    Handsy1976 Subs Bench

    ????? Ok I will put it another way for you deluded ones !!!!
    1. You happy with his tactics ?
    2. Has he managed anyone worth talking about ???
  9. Nah, let him feel the warmth of the comments.
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  10. kingmonkey

    kingmonkey Winger

    1)Most of the time
  11. 1-1
  12. Handsy1976

    Handsy1976 Subs Bench

    Can’t believe everyone on here is happy with his tactics JESUS ????

    And I wasn’t talking about Sunderland am on about before you nutter ??
  13. gretzky

    gretzky Midfield

    Late goal last night was a shame
  14. Handsy1976

    Handsy1976 Subs Bench

    WHO FOR ???
  15. offmenut

    offmenut Winger

    Wish Rafa was doing aswell as chris hughton and dyche and warnock. Being found out totally when he has no cash to spend. Boring to watch, too defensive.
  16. A shame for your lot, good for Wolves and funny for us.
  17. Handsy1976

    Handsy1976 Subs Bench

    What kind of crack is this
    You can’t be happy with US being in the 3rd division playing shite football and only having 1 upfront ????
  18. kingmonkey

    kingmonkey Winger

    He's right lads.
    No manager can start his career at a small club and work his way up.
    Ok, we are in league one but we should have a manager who has come from man utd or Everton that would work.
    No manager will ever achieve anything starting at St mirren......
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  19. Handsy1976

    Handsy1976 Subs Bench

    Not saying that numpty !!!! Am saying I think he’s out of his depth at Sunderland and his tactics and football are proving me right
  20. parm

    parm Winger

    Dross must be starting to worry , if these next 3 games go badly he may be returning to the backwaters of Scottish football very soon . knowing he will never again get a shot at managing a big club again .that's whats at stake here

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