Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Stevie Freestein II, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Are the people drinking relatively heavy at night, getting in the car at 7.30 am the next morning?
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    Im on day 11 of abstinence and if you wanted a couple of side effects (if these are due to packing in) Ive headaches, not sleeping, and memory is a bit off but all apparently normal. Ive drank most nights for nearly 30 years... this is probably the longest Ive ever gone without
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  3. I usually leave before 7am.
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    Mentioned this before on here:

    When working a four on four off shift and single I'd spend the four days drinking usually particularly if it landed Friday to Monday, it then became that I'd start going for a couple of beers after work as well. Felt fine the majority of the time as well.

    Only when I saw a post on here (might have been the Chiles thing) when I counted up the units of the last week and it really scared me to be honest. Was probably killing myself although it didn't feel like it.

    Around the same time met our lass and got a 9-5 job, then got engaged so I can't afford to do what I used to anyway or have the time but have to say I felt much the same as some on here have posted - restless, always wanting to be up and about, a lot more energy than I know what to do with.

    If you're owt like me after a while these feelings subside eventually and you'll return to an equilibrium
  5. What’s it got to dee with yay like. Hic
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    No mate I'm a pilot.
    not really
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    If I have a skinful in the day and fall asleep about 11 or midnight and need to get up for a piss, I don't go back to sleep.

    I'd rather be dehydrated than have to spend the next day on about 3 hours kip.
  8. Just a throwaway suggestion: Did the op replace the alcoholic drinks for ones that contained more caffeine?
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    Just wondering how many people are getting in their cars still pissed up from the night before.
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  10. I have drank less tea and coffee since about April. Now I try to limit coffee to 2-3 muga before dinner time with a splash of milk only. The most I drink is 4 or 5 mugs on each day at a weekend.
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    Thought exactly the same soon as i read it :lol:
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  12. Not me like. I do all my drinking in the morning.
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  13. If you were you could have used that autopilot thingy and slept it off ;)

    I remember driving to work on Saturday mornings thinking thank fuck I'm on a fork truck because I'm too pissed to walk :oops:
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    It also works if you intersperse the water with the alcoholic drinks.... e.g. one wine, one water, one wine, one water...
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    Suit yourself. :lol:
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  18. Have a glass of wine in the morning then.
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    Coincidentally, I've just been prescribed an antihistamine to help me sleep. "Promethazine". I have to take it 20 minutes or so before bed to make me drowsy and calmer.
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  20. Yes I remember the first hay fever tablets when they became freely available, they were mainly soporific so would have a warning about driving and operating machinery.

    I was reading this article at 1am.

    Things That Sometimes Work If You Have Anxiety

    Antihistamines can be used to treat a lot of things.
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