Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

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  1. I’ve never been a MASSIVE drinker of alcoholic beverages but over the past 2 months I’ve consumed a lot less than normal, probably about 3 pints in total.

    Over the Summer we were drinking vodka and mixers most weekends, I would sometimes have a few drinks during the week.

    My evergy levels are higher and I’m thinking with more clarity - BUT this is a bit of a drawback and I feel that being slightly inebriated and having alcohol in my blood stream may have been masking problems with stress and anxiety.

    Is this possible even for low levels of ‘addiction’? Or should I go back to a manageable drinking plan????
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    Get yasel down the club
  3. I feel your pain.

    Used to get smashed at least on a weekly basis, not been much of a drinker now for almost a year and it's almost unbearable, constant restlessness / feeling the need to be on the move, being aware of a lot of things and just clarity alone makes pretty much everything annoying as fuck! Another thing is needing to feel in control of everything all the time, planning days / weeks ahead man. Might just get back on the pop :lol:
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    If you were only drinking on weekends with only a few drinks during the week then it's unlikely to be withdrawal IMO. Not unless you were getting absolutely shitfaced on weekends to the extent that you were still genuinely pissed the following Wednesday from your weekend session.

    If you were drinking every night then it's possible you were treating your stress/anxiety with alcohol (like I do myself, with between one and one and a half bottles of red wine every night). Sort of unlikely unless you're having more than "a few drinks" though.

    That is, unless your stress only manifests on weekends, in which case, possibly.
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    Think most people have a drink to chill,never really used it to hide stress etc but it will do a good job i'd imagine to a point.Some say it magnifies good or bad .So its a don't know from me.
  6. Ok thanks I never had a dependency (that I was aware of) but I did find alcohol was a relaxant.

    Having drank from the age of 17 to 45 it must have left an imprint on my body. The most heavy drinking was probably from ages 19 to 28ish.
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    Alcohol withdraw causes stress/anxiety not the other way round surely?
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    I drink 3 massive glasses of wine every night cant remember the last time I didn’t have any. I need to pack it in im sick of feeling shite every morning..
  9. fyl2u

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    It can definitely act as a relaxant. If you have a slight case of social anxiety or general anxiety then a few beers might just take the edge off enough for you to let your hair down in public.

    As for stress, it takes more than couple for me to get it out of my system but I won't discount it working for others.
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    OP is soft as shite imo.

    Drinking is cool as fuck, as is smoking and taking drugs.
  11. fyl2u

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    Down a pint of water about half an hour to an hour before bed. It'll make the world of difference.
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    This, and also if it were withdrawal, it would have appeared immediately after you stopped drinking, not only become apparent months later. I've known a number of people who have gone through alcohol withdrawal, and while it's a little different for each person, it's never a question of "maybe this is alcohol withdrawal," it's more a question of a constant battle to avoid the only thing they want in life to solve the numerous overwhelming physical and emotional symptoms they're experiencing.

    Also, @fyl2u - I like red wine too, but a bottle of it every night is not a solution to anxiety. I've been on the drinking to solve anxiety train, and I'm extremely glad to have hopped off. I know it's a hard step to take, but it's probably worth it.
  13. wilka88

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    and then wake up 2 hours later desperate for a piss
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    I usually wake up much later after enduring a long dream entailing me searching desperately for somewhere to have a piss
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    :lol::lol: Not in the wardrobe
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    I always take a drink up mate. I find having something for me tea with mince in is a life saver usually burritos or a spag bol or summat..
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  17. fyl2u

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    That's why you drink it half an hour to an hour before bed rather than as you're on your way up to bed. If you take longer for it to make its way through your system then drink it earlier. Hydration is the key to not feeling shite the next day.

    Even if you were drinking the water actually at bedtime, would you rather feel shite in the morning or to have to get up for a piss at some point during the night?
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  18. wilka88

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    id feel shite in the morning after id have to get up for a pee because id find it difficult to get back to sleep
  19. fyl2u

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    I agree completely that it's not a good solution for anxiety. Unfortunately anxiety is only one of my problems. I'm not saying alcohol is a solution to any of the others either, like. :lol:

    I don't really sit down and think "I'm feeling anxious, so I'll drink one and a half bottles of wine and I'll be fine". It's more that I love the taste of certain red wines and seem to accidentally drink them like it's ribena.

    I don't get the same thing with any other drink. If all I have is cheap relatively-low-alcohol beers in the house, I'll probably only drink a couple of pints on an evening, if that.
  20. ravydavygravy

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    That's not good mind. In fact it will probably kill you.

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