Alcohol free beer

Discussion in 'SMB' started by box2box, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. box2box

    box2box Striker

    Tastes awful, much better having a strong lemonade shandy
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  2. Loads of decent ones these days. If you didn't see the bottle or can and were served it you would be oblivious
  3. Mackem Tommy

    Mackem Tommy Midfield

    Genuine question - any recommendations?

    I haven't given up drinking alcohol but I could definitely do with cutting down and in the meantime it seems like a good medium, provided there's a decent sup.
  4. Aituk7

    Aituk7 Winger

    Shandys lush if made right.
  5. keybuk

    keybuk Central Defender

    I got some Becks from Sainsburys, £7 for a box of 15.
    They also do Heineken, £4 for 6.
    Prefer the Heineken.
    Once this little on standby period is over it's back to the real stuff.
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  6. burro nunn

    burro nunn Winger

    Wouldn't be alcohol free if you had a shandy though.
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  7. Bitburger drive
    Becks blue etc

    I don't drink them generally but have mates who do

    I remember years ago I used to work in a pub in London and onelad used to get wrecked on tennants extra..

    We used to sell Tennant's low alcohol on draft and used to often give him it instead of extra later on the evening and he never sussed once
  8. PTR

    PTR Striker

    What type of beer do you like in general?

    I've replaced fizzy pop with na beer, it's fine if you think of it like that. Plus it's miles better for you.
  9. Heineken 0% is the only one I'll drink. Not too bad on its own if you're driving but very palatable if mixed half n half with a nice beer.
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  10. Still be 2% minimum
  11. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

  12. I have a mate who does half and half and it means he can drag out 3 pi is in tbe pub if he is driving
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  13. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

    Anyone who drinks it shouldn't be trusted.
  14. KeefBeer

    KeefBeer Winger

    What's the point?
    Leave the car at home and drink like a man.
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  15. Mackem Tommy

    Mackem Tommy Midfield

    Generally drink lager rather than ales etc. Peroni ordinarily.
  16. Yeah, do it myself. I know I should just drink coke or something really but 45 years of conditioning means I find it impossible to sit in a pub and not drink :lol:

    We need to get away from that stereotype. It's not manly to drink till you shit yourself..
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  17. heroesof73

    heroesof73 Striker

    not much chance of getting oblivious on alcohol free
    Expensive stuff anarl without any duty added unlike the real stuff
  18. But so are soft drinks so that argument does t really stack up
  19. daveyc

    daveyc Winger

    If I had the car I'd just have a few pints of driving lager such as Carling or Fosters.
  20. walesie

    walesie Striker

    I mentioned on the alcohol thread the other day that the erdinger is very nice if that's your tipple .
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