Airbnb your own place

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Where do students live?
I can remember 20 yrs ago people moaning about students down Roker Ave and the big houses in the town. I bet people would take them students above some of the HMO occupants now

In studenty areas. Nee idea.

In shields the council thinks nothing of granting permission for smack-heed ones in nice areas.

The Rat

You could pick a 2 bedroom flat in tynemoutu for around £300k same as cullercoats at the moment if you go a tad further out to North Shields etc would be a bit cheaper but still a big demand.

Whitley bay is always busy but prices are creeping up a bit, what’s your budget if you don’t mind me asking pal?

yeah not that much mate haha

this is my first property purchase, I’ve never even thought about it before so treat me like an idiot

I’ve very much in the 1 bed flat market, size isn’t really an issue, I’ve stayed in a lot around the world and I have an idea of how I would do it up, quite like the creative side of making the most of small spaces too

North Shields get the tynemouth crowd still then. I think if you’re doing this you need curb appeal too so people aren’t put off when they firsts see it
To be fair I think there's a massive problem due to people (generally from London) getting second houses in "desirable" areas, making it difficult for people who actually live there to get on the property ladder. That needs to be looked at. This lad isn't suggesting anything of the sort though is he? He's a person looking to get a property to live in, he'll buy one place, live in it, but if it's going to be empty quite a bit he'd like to see if he can get some money from it as well. He'd likely buy it regardless, so he's not stopping anyone from getting on the ladder!

thats it mate, maybe I didn’t make that clear enough, I’m not in 2nd home territory, I don’t have 1 home. I’ve always rented in cities so it would be my home. And would be 3 months out of the country I think, not all at once though.

so just somewhere where there is demand for people to stay basically and that’s good crack when I am there too.
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