Abducted In Plain Sight

Discussion in 'SMB' started by kamaras-tash, Jan 24, 2019.

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    Some class memes kicking around..for instance

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    Close, but you’ve spelt it wrong marra.
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  4. Botchie

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    What. The actual. Fuck.
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  5. Barnacle Boy

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    Soz like but if your daughter disappears with a gadgy and you don''t report it for 3 days you're almost as bad as a nonce
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  6. Botchie

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    If he moves back in next door and doesn't have a nasty "accident" then you should be questioning yourself as a parent.
  7. Barnacle Boy

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    This is annoying me now. The parents are actually worse than nonces
  8. Botchie

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    It was his word against the Fatha that he'd tugged him off. Why didn't he just say crack on marra, tell who you want? Without proof who are they likely to believe. A God loving father who's daughter has just been kidnapped, or the dodge pot who took her to Mexico and married her.
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  9. Barnacle Boy

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    Those recorded phonecalls between B and the mother seriously incriminate her imo. You can tell she's reading from a script.
    No idea why my original reply to this wasn't allowed mind. :rolleyes:
  10. Botchie

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    I felt she had a grin her face when she was talking about being intimate with him. It was almost like she still held a bit of a thing for him.
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  11. Barnacle Boy

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    The only time she showed any emotion was when talking about getting bucked off B. Both her and the husband are so thick its a crime in itself so its no surprise she was so easily manipulated
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  12. thamesvalleyman

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    Just watched it, really creepy and as other poster said, many wtf moments.

    Totally bizarre and quite disturbing at times... how the fuck could the parents let a grown man "sleep" in the same bed as their 12 year old daughter 4 times a week for 6 months?
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  13. obrienobrien

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    Aye.. its fecking mental

    Couldn’t stop laughing at this point
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  14. Fred Secrets

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    I'm considering watching it again. I'm wondering is it a wind up like the Momo thing.
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  15. Randy Bareback

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    I watched it few weeks back and like you i thought it was mental. I couldnt help but laugh at the bit when he gave the other bloke a hand job in the car, like it was a normal thing to do. Just one of the strangest things ive seen in a while.
  16. obrienobrien

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    I thought it was made up at this point.
    “ i need relief”
    “ aye gan on then.. get it oot”
  17. bu-bu-buchanon

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    Late to the party with this one, but just watched it. WTF indeed ! If someone wrote this as a novel or a
    Movie it would be written off as utterly unbelievable
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  18. maygo

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    This, the dirty owld cow was practically frothing at the gash when she was talking about it
    Made me feel ill watching it, my missus (no) reckons it's a spoof- no one could be that fucking dumb. And aye, he'd have been sleeping with the fishes after taking the daughter the first time, never mind any more times after that
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  19. the boot

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    It’s a best seller and made them a lot of money.

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