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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mux, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Lexingtongue

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    Not scary, but incredibly tense. The very last scene was brilliant, too. :lol:

    I instantly thought of Signs when it started up. As for the pregnancy, there is a scene of then saying grace, so maybe it was a religious thing? Still, wouldn't want to be bringing a new life into a horribly dead world. Selfish as fuck.
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  2. scotch

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    Agreed.great ending. Last 15 minutes is brutal/highly intense
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  3. wakey wakey

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    Ridiculous it’s actually called a horror

    Was two young lads talking through all the trailers ,absolute shite anarl ! was proper pissing me off to the point of nearly telling them to shut the fuck up
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  4. General Zod

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    My thoughts exacy
    if you have to be quiet all the time to survive why get pregnant 3-6 months after things turn to shit & you know you have to be absolutely silent? Its not like they had no kids & didnt realise how noisey they are. Bit predictable how they'd foil them a la Mars Attacks
    . For the element of predictability, daft plot hole & the fact the lass next to us was shitting herself & jumping at every little bit (even a scene change when the volume increased) it turned into a comedy show & a bit over-rated for me
  5. garyswc

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    Looks shite compared to say Cockneys v Zombies. Will not watch
  6. Walter White

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    I went to see it on Monday and thought it was absolutely brilliant. Great concept, acted fantastically and was proper tense. My views on the pregnancy; maybe because they lost their first child at the beginning. The creatures also looked great.
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  7. Dave Herbal

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    I fell asleep but woke up with a start when the lamp smashed.
    Gaping plot holes all owa mind.

    Where was the electric coming from?
    How come they defeated the military when all you’d need would be a sonic lure and a sniper team? Tanks? Helicopters?
    They knew they hunted by sound - how come the boffins failed to discover the painful frequency thing?

    Not bothering to explain any of that spoilt it a bit
  9. Why didn’t you?
  10. i haven’t seen it yet
  11. wakey wakey

    wakey wakey Winger

    I was undecided if it was acceptable to talk during the trailers
  12. max wartbug

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    Saw it yesterday. For me, it was OK but could have been a lot better. Shades of Zombieland and Terminator.
  13. What a complete soft cock :lol:
  14. Dave Herbal

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    They weren’t bulletproof we’re they? And if the newspapers were still around to print that headline about them hunting by sound then surely the military would still be?
  15. They weren’t bulletproof we’re they? And if the newspapers were still around to print that headline about them hunting by sound then surely the military would still be?
    The military might be kicking shit out of them or they might be getting their arses kicked. We don't know how long the papers had been sat there. We were in bumblefuck USA, probably miles from the nearest base.
    The papers said they were bulletproof so maybe they were only vulnerable when they did that weird ear opening thingy or from very close range.
  16. conrad

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    When the adverts are on it’s fair game, when the trailers are on its pipe down time and when the film starts ya keep ya fucking mouth shut :lol:
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  17. I think its fine to add in at the end of a trailer the occasional "looks shite"
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  18. Lil Layne

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    Absolutely awful film.
    its fucking shite.
  19. Julio

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    Seen it Friday. Not a horror 7/10
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  20. enjoyed it despite the plot holes and it being very fucking obvious for a long time that the hearing aid would be key. The near death by corn drowning was shite mind

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