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Discussion in 'Photography discussion' started by AB22 Easy Tiger, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Agreed. Well that's what I used to think before years of reading it on here. I don't know what to think anymore to be honest. Is it a cheb? is it a tit? what is a cock? is a cock a tit? how many Chebs do I have ? Does my lass have two Cocks? It keeps me up at night
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  2. He had a cock like a chebble leg! :lol:
  3. I've this was Twitter I'd be tagging in the Air Police for him using his phone when driving/flying.;)
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  4. JonnotheMackem

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    @Gideon Gungeon I'm curious too. Been a long old while since I've seen a 50 Yuan note there mate.
  5. Stubbs ftm

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  7. I think I just looked through the Flickr album
  8. Tex

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    He's not the driver man. He's the mincey queen who pushes the trolley and asks you if you want a "beverage". He just nipped in the cockpit and snapped that while the real driver was having a slash.
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  9. peil

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    She's gonna kill me for that hoovering pic :lol:
  10. b1gals

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    Adult clubs, cleavage and now legs :-O:lol:
  11. CatRyan

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  12. sproates33

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    Ah fucking hell aye, its in the album, im hopeless.
  13. b1gals

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    And tarty heels ..... back in 5 :lol:
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  14. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    It was in there, but disappeared because I'd put more than 10 pics in a pst. I've messed around with the posts and it's back
  15. The Late 80s

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    Well done all and thanks @AB22 Easy Tiger for putting it all together.

    Off to buy yourself some like?
  16. b1gals

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    :lol: might do if they didn't give me blisters :eek:
  17. Gideon Gungeon

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    aye mate, it's a photo of a photo from the world press photo exhibition there mate which i visited on saturday morning. among the stunning images of murder, war, death and misery and what have you this one spoke to us. it won third prize in the singles, daily life category and is of an uighur woman on a train out china way. now by all accounts these uighur women, although muslim, do not follow the conservative dress code usually associated with the religion. some excellent snaps imo btw
  18. Tex

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    Interesting stuff there Giddy (mate) but how do you explain getting your breakfast bait at ten to one in the afternoon?:D
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  19. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    Might be the EXIF
  20. Ben Gardner

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    canny pair of pins there, like - if it's not too inappropriate to mention.

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