999, What’s your emergency?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by MackemBob, Oct 30, 2017.

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    He did mate. Used to ask for general medical advice so the call handler couldn't follow Pathways. Transfer to nurse. Was a great laugh having a listen through for them. I compiled all the calls and the bloke got traced by the police and done for malicious communications in the end :lol:
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  2. gazza.1990

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    Problem is if someone is ringing to deliberately waste time they aren't likely to give their real name and address
  3. PTR

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    Not suggesting its fool proof in all situations. But people who really ring in to get a lift home, or ask for information - those people will drop themselves in it most of the time.
    People are are actually doing it on purpose to waste time should be passed over to the police and actually prosecuted.
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  4. My list would make you gasp.
    All 999 calls and sent on blue lights
    Picking up remote controls, TVs and recliners
    Trip switch on consumer units
    Make/straighten bed
    Make drinks /food
    Legs hurt missed last bus
    Heating doesn't work.
    Stair lift stopped working in social club
    Neighbours dog barking can't sleep
    Took someone to hospital with chest pains, he was in a taxi going home before we got back into the ambulance. Next job...... him pissed outside his house as he drank a bottle of whiskey in that same taxi on the way home.
    In my last year ( 2016-17 ) I left 60% of the calls I attended at home. Over 40% with no treatment.

    That list is the tip of the proverbial.
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  5. They can get to a gig if they try a bar where the cover charge is only 8 bits.
  6. Keawyeds

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    No point wasting time arresting them.
    Fine them if you can trace them (if it's cost effective to do so) and if he refuses to pay, then make it worse for him.

    I'd also be tempted to block the number they're calling from. It's an abuse of the system.

    Can you hear me back there in 1998?
  7. Biscuitz

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    on a similar theme - the amount of people who call Samaritans and try and use it as a sex line is unreal. It pushes a lot of female volunteers into leaving as they can end up spending most of a shift just dealing with them
  8. Fucking hell man :lol:

    Obviously a cock womble.

    I know a lad that used to go into a random pizza shop, order bait then get it and him delivered to his address. Smart as out really, wouldn’t care he was thick as fuck :lol:

    Edit- when he was struggling for a taxi.
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  10. PulseSafc

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    You'd be surprised people use them all the time to call us like.
  11. errant

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    i thought that was a urban myth\joke...
  12. Keawyeds

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    I'm amazed there are any left to be honest
  13. steve30000

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    Aye, they clearly don't exist mate. Silly me
  14. Keawyeds

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    Seriously though, there's barely any around these days.
    Not much call (ironically) for them now I suppose
  15. PulseSafc

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    They're dwindling like. A lot round out areas have defibs in them but our clientele (those that can't afford mobile phones) still know the ones that work and use em constantly
  16. steve30000

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    Have a walk around, you'll find them. They're not relics just yet
  17. Slippery Jim

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    Pizza delivery drivers aren't insured to carry passengers.
  18. Dogbark

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    What if the litter was nuclear waste? Would that be worse?
  19. PTR

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    Common issue round your way?
  20. Haway 501

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    I used to do it with a lad I knew who was a delivery driver and had to stop for this very reason.

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