90s Memories

Lionel Hutzz

Following on from the 80s thread:

-Blockbuster on a Friday if I'd been good at school
- Wearing double denim with Looney Tunes characters embroidered on
- Sat in the kitchen on a Sunday watching Football Italia
-Getting SKY TV
-Locking the butler in the fridge on Tomb Raider
-Going to the cinema to see Toy Story

TFI, The Word, mint dance music, Nirvana (know they were around in the late 80's but didn't really make it until the early 90's), Grunge, Britpop, Italia 90, Euro 96, Spice Girls, wearing trainers with skirts / dresses, kangol hats, pot, booze, bucking, speed, Big Breakfast, the best decade for music generally tbh, going out on a Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday.