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Discussion in 'SMB' started by daveydavey, Jun 9, 2018.

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    I understand this has been done many times, and it’s a bit old hat. But please read the above Euro Physics report which concludes this was staged. So I expect people to laugh or think they’ve won the argument...but just read it.

    Eventually, people will accept this as fact - and wonder why, for so long, people didn’t accept it.

    Please don’t chime in until you have read.
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    And we're off!
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    As a civil engineer I feel a bit embarrassed reading that. What exactly are they suggesting?
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    As a civil engineer, I’d expect you to understand the implication - but quite clearly you haven’t read it so why even bother chipping in?
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    You haven’t read the Snopes article that thoroughly debunks what you posted...
  8. I would trust Jesse Ventura's view of 9/11 before that. And he couldn't even call a Hulk Hogan fight.
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    Were they from that there religion of peace?

    Angola man.....theyre the boys.
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    A website that trades on its reputation for “debunking” conspiracies would have nothing to gain by discrediting this report would it?

    The report is 2 years old, of course I’ve read the snopes report - but you can easily find enough dirt on snopes to not even read that website anymore. Jesus.
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    I did read it. Just can't believe that they are suggesting it was a controlled explosion simply because their calcs show the twin towers wouldn't have collapsed due to burning aviation fuel alone.

    They have chosen to ignore any other evidence.
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    For what purpose? To justify an anti Islam war?
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    So you’re saying that you’re ignoring a website because you think it’s rubbish yet expect everyone on here to read an already debunked website when they think it’s rubbish? Mmmmkay.
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    I lose track... which is the number 1 conspiracy on here? 9/11, the moon not being real or the Earth being flat?
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    SBC and Abarth iirc.
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    Andover is actually a foreign country
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    I feel sorry fpr people who cant accept it was a staged event. My brother wont even engage in conversation about it
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    To quote Spav, "The best thing about the SMB is that it blames Muslims for everything, except 9/11."


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