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8 Days to the Moon and back

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Big Duke Six, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Nukehasslefan

    Nukehasslefan Goalkeeper

    We were and still are all geared to follow set narratives whether they're truth's, half truth/half fabrications of the truth or lies.
    As far as this moon landing goes, none of us outsiders know the whole truth or whether there is any truth is the story told, in print or video or photo.
    It all comes down to how each person absorbs themselves into whatever story was told at whatever period of time.
    The reality is, people are conditioned to have a pack mentality by following that official narratives that do not tolerate counter arguments, not matter how much logic is applied.
    It ends up with mass opinion sort of taking a stance against anyone who dares to question any official narrative. Basically, do not question authority, or else.

    Generally we are coaxed into riding along on a wave of emotion attached to many many things. This moon stuff being one such wave.
    If anyone questions it, they're nutters or tin foil hat wearing dummies or even intelligent loners in their mothers basement just wanting to be a martyr....and so on.

    Any person who argues points against something like this, whoa re not entirely convinced stuff like this happened as it was told, is generally shot down by mass opinion that generally relies on four main points.
    1. The videos are proof it happened.
    The thing with this mindset is, we know how easy it is to manipulate anything via movies and how movies create a subconscious mindset of a belief in something being legitimate,a s opposed to manipulated.
    2. The press conferences of how they achieved it.
    Same with this. It's also easy to tell/sell scripted stories by using puppets to portray something as a truth, that may not be the entire truth or the truth at all, equally as much as it being all truth.
    3.Too many people were involved. Hundreds of thousands.
    Compartmentalisation and mere speculation and exaggeration can easily cater for this storyline narrative.

    4. It would've been so hard to fake, it would've been easier just to go.
    This appears to be an argument made, more for rubber stamping a supposed achievement and making that achievement as the doable whilst the supposed fakery was impossible.
    Clearly we are almost bullied into acceptance without knowing, either way.
    The issue is whether you believe it all happened in its entirety as to what you were schooled into or whether you think most of it is true or none of it. No outsider, other than those who were privy to the actual reality of whatever it was as a set up can argue anything as their fact. It comes down to mass opinion verses minority opinion and we all know mass opinion takes precedence, every time, unless any conspiracy theory becomes a conspiracy, fact.

    There's a myriad of reasons why it's all true and a myriad of reasons why it's all fake.
    One thing for sure. It...and conspiracies like it, divides opinion unequally but also creates bad feeling between those that go with it and those who go against it, with those on the fence managing to see both points but not wanting to upset the apple cart.
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  2. maghater

    maghater Midfield

    And our FA cup win was only 4 years away :eek:, its ancient bloody history now:cry:
  3. rapscallion

    rapscallion Winger

    They went back six times tho.
  4. Rick O Shea

    Rick O Shea Winger

    I guess the oil crisis in the 70's and the fact NASA was consuming 5% of the federal budget would be painful even for a country as economically powerful as the US. Once the momentum was lost it probably became easier not to go.

    A bit like supersonic air travel.

    Mags will be along soon saying that was faked.............
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  5. rapscallion

    rapscallion Winger

    Then again, Kubrick did outfit Danny in The Shining with a meticulously and elaborately woven Apollo 11 gansey, for one of his textbook screen nods..
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  6. muggboots

    muggboots Striker

    Yet again though, the Russians said nowt about it.
  7. rapscallion

    rapscallion Winger

    Although, Leonard Rigsby Rossiter did play a Russian lunar bureaucrat with a suspiciously home counties accent in 2001...
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  8. Nukehasslefan

    Nukehasslefan Goalkeeper

    Maybe they were doing their own dog and pony show with the USA saying nothing. Possible, right?
    I know we're all supposed to be at loggerheads around the world but everyone seems awfully friendly, garden fence gossiping when it suits and then throwing out threats when the time suits.

    Maybe it's all for one and one for all, high up in the real hierarchy of life with governments and such just a pyramid of puppets controlling the bigger stack below...and so on.

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  9. muggboots

    muggboots Striker

    Don't be fucking daft.
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  10. Churchlanelad

    Churchlanelad Goalkeeper

    What! Thunderbirds were responsible for the fakery?
  11. aceman

    aceman Midfield

    Just like they did the first time eh. They couldnt even figure out how to make a mobile phone until 20 years later man. Open your eyes.
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  12. parm

    parm Winger

    apart from space travel can anyone name another venture where technology has gone backwards?
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  13. rickopooly

    rickopooly Winger

    A distraction from Vietnam? Money was thrown at that war, no amount more would have made any difference.
  14. snelleton

    snelleton Striker

    Matresses. They used to tell you to change your matress every 10 years. Now it's every 8. Are we supposed to believe that technology has gone backwards or manufacturers are ripping us off. Got to be one of the two.
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  15. Hooky

    Hooky Central Defender

    It hasn't gone backwards, its just the priorities have changed. That's like saying music technology has gone backwards because we don't use tapes any more.
  16. Yeah sorry, looks like that bit I got the wrong way round. NASA was competing with the military for funding and the war impacted their share of the federal budget.

    The shuttle could carry a slightly reduced payload to SaturnV and it was partially reusable. Priorities changed rather than technology going backward.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  17. Exactly. Or saying technology had gone backwards because software isn’t literally hand-woven into computers anymore.

    Core rope memory - Wikipedia
  18. parm

    parm Winger

    take our old pal richard branson , for years he`s been promising the billionaire class space travel , in 5 years time we will be up and running , 5 years comes and goes , nothing , always just around the corner :cool:
  19. Raby Mackem

    Raby Mackem Full Back

    Cracking stuff, have just got round to watching it. Vaguely remember it I was 8 at the time. Really hope it was not a fake.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  20. 0verlord44

    0verlord44 Goalkeeper

    You don’t have to read too far into the Apollo program and the space race in general to see the many challenges that were overcame that led to the lunar missions.

    Truly a magnificent achievement.
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