50 Years

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Most important thing is we give this young team time to develop.Performances will be up and down because of the teams relative inexperience, perhaps we all jumped on them a little sharp after the 5-1.
Signs look good.
(51yrs 2months since 1st game)


Yeah, should have included 1977...that last three months of the season were quite a ride.
In some ways that was the worst, 'cos it wasn't us that screwed ourselves that time. Not so much a false dawn as that bastard Jimmy Hill drawing the curtains.
Absolutely brilliant time.Pity it ended like it did.


1-0 4-0 6-1 6-0 bizarre set of home results them.
Yeah. We were doomed at Christmas then Adamson tried the kids...Rowell, Arnott, Elliot..and that goofy "everyone line up at the half way point" and charge for the kick off stuff. A magical if short-lived magic carpet from another era.

That night following the last game defeat by Everton and the cheating that went on at Coventry..don't think I've ever felt so low and angry. Younger fans probably can't understand the hatred that some still feel at Jimmy Hill. (even now, thousands of miles away and 30-odd years later I still have a pleasant feeling when i see that Coventry have lost a game)

old git two

Can us Old Buggers have a Forum of our own

While following Sunderland for all these years.

Look around and see how the world has changed

Fk me. I'm sitting here at a keyboard.

Did not have a phone in the house 50 years ago. Nivver mind one in me pocket


I've just read every post on this thread. It's class.
47 years since my first match but can't remember what it was.
We just might be on the verge of something, fingers crossed lads.


I started in 1958, so I've got my long-sevice badge too. I had to pinch myself last Sunday. That was not a lucky result, it was a comprehensive victory over the double winners! When you look at who we've beaten this season, you have to think this is the real thing. Come on you mangy old grey cats!
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