5 Labour ministers resign tonight

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MarcoGoalo, Jun 13, 2018 at 7:56 PM.

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    Re Brexit I think
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    I believe the vote entailed the Labour Party amendment for us to remain within the EEA post Brexit. Jezza has now used every one of his MPs on his front bench at some point or other (I made that last bit up). Govt won the vote anyway by a good margin. How the hell May continues to remain just baffles me, but she does.

    Labour told to abstain by the whip

    Sam Coates Times on Twitter

    74 voted to stay in the single market and 15 voted to leave. It really is a buggers muddle on all sides.
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  4. Corbyn lol, about as much use and relevance as my last shite
  5. Jardin

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    Now, if only the rest of Labour and all of the Conservatives followed suit we’d finally be getting somewhere.
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    They're all fucking shite and it isn't remotely funny.
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  7. It's funny how much of a mess Labour are when all we hear from them is how much a mess May is..... They need to start and get their own house in order. A total utter shambles. Corbyn man what a joke he is
  8. Labour MPs saving the Tories. What a mess this country is in.

    Cameron wants shooting.

    Labour don't have to run the country. That's the difference at the moment. The Tories won - they're supposed to govern. Two years of total fuck ups and we're no nearer any sort of solution.

    BoJo sits there laughing behind May's back at PMQs.
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    Cameron will go down as one of the worst PMs in history. Even his own party must hate him :lol:
  10. Meanwhile nobody is listening to dopey Corbyn, further making him look like the weak piss poor leader he always has been. He'll be dragging folk in off the street to form his next cabinet.
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    What a great idea ! Make a change from these Etonians.
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    .. Hope we get to resign a few in the next election, along with traitorous Tories and Lib Dems who vote against the wishes of their constituency ..
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    Didn't know they had any ministers. Did they win a general election while I was out at work?
  15. The Exile

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    If May had had 70 odd rebels in parliament the screeches for a vote of no confidence would shatter glass. How can he not be untenable after this?

    Had on the phone's ringing. Mebbes it's Jezza offering me Shadow Defence.
  16. Slippery Jim

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    It was one shadow minister and 4 of her minor aides. But people with an agenda will always make it sound more dramatic if they think it'll prove a point.
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  17. They would be far better than Corbyn and his current clowns.
  18. So you admit he'll form the next cabinet after the clusterfuck of Brexit from the Tories.
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    What a complete shambles British politics is in. Not a leader amongst them, all clearly no good at what they do and much like the EU, totally rudderless. How on earth did we arrive at a situation where the country is unable to govern itself (much like the EU) and it is one fuckup after another.

    Little by little over the last 15 years or so credible politicians on all sides have been replaced by silver spoon boys and girls who have no idea what they are doing. It also shows you that for 40 years the EU has effectively governed the UK and we have simply followed dictat after dictat.

    The party is over for UK politicians as they are ruthlessly exposed for the incompetent buffoons that they are.
  20. MrOompapa

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    The past year since the election has been a massive missed opportunity for Labour.

    They really had the political capital and momentum to bring about something big, not just in relation to Brexit but against the government as a whole. Theresa May came out of that election politically weak, nobody believed she would survive. Yet here we are, a year later and Labour have somehow put themselves on the back foot.

    Now if I were a supporter of Corbyn, I'd be seriously disappointed at that. He's underwhelmed my own expectations of him, last year was his moment, and what of it?

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