5 a side wanted for player in late 40s


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I'm looking for a 5 aside game to get back into football. I'm an average player, live in North Sunderland but can travel. Thanks everyone

I run a game every Tuesday mate in normal times, we are always looking for people to step in, it's in Aycliffe mind 7-8 so may be too far for you. Prob 70 mile round trip but if you want you can pm me and I'll let you know when we back up and running, good standard but nothing flash.


Not a lot of help to the OP, but if anyone wants a group near Canterbury, PM me. Going to be a while before we meet again but it is a decent group. A few retired or on the verge of it. There was a growing number of young lads who are the sons or sons friends of a couple of players, but we even them out between sides so we have a few runners on each team.


If the Foundation Of Light looked into this I reckon they would have a few folk who join in to play at the Beacon etc, especially at this age range