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3 weights workouts per week?

Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by PTR, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Had two really long days on my feet this weekend. Can't say "I'm cued" but it doesn't seem to be as severe as I might have expected. So maybe it is working.
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  2. Your OP is almost identical to my situation , with the slight variable that I am 59. No one seems to know what the hip problem is .
    Been doing lots of elliptical to shed weight and a couple of weight sessions a week more or less basic like you outlined . Also do a good floor session Pilates etc each session . Got to be so careful with the hip though , was nearly gone until Thursday then I tried to raise a leg in plank position . Tweaked it, not fucked but it's set back .
    Take it easy mate you've got time .
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  3. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Got to be fixed by September. Got two weeks in Florida. Will be on my feet 8 hours per day.
    Last time I went, I was a mess and drugged up to get through it.
  4. Steady does it mate that's nearly 5 months , staying injury free is the route .I find getting the weight off , doing good core work daily is helping most . Good style kettle bell swings and lightish kettlebell deadlifts ( nowt daft) bit controlled lunging and side stretching seems to ease it most, works it and makes it flexible through a range of motion .
  5. PTR

    PTR Striker

    The bit I don't understand, is, if my hip pain is caused by weak core muscles, then why is it only one hip (right) that hurts? I never get any pain elsewhere.

    I also get a pain down my right thigh - but that's a longer story - I've had a loss of sensation in my right thigh for well over 10 years from a "tweak" at work that never fixed itself, but I did nowt about until recently - when I was told it was far too late to bother trying to fix it.

    The only thing that make me think it might be core, is that when its bad, and when I cough, it hurts around the hip and a bit wider - which makes me think I'm using stomach muscles, so could be linked.

    Mind, next step has to be the weight. I could do with losing an awful lot. No idea how to start with that though, I have so little time free to plan meals. I really need some sort of "hands-off" system. I've been looking at 5-2 just because I don't have to do very much to make it happen.

    But all the starve day foods like like what I call "diet foods" which taste horrific. Quark, rice cakes, and all that shit.
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  6. Exactly same with me right hip. I think it's the slight lack of support for the spine and possibly causing postural problems as well as tight muscles over the hip.
    I have been using an activity tracker calorie counter for 6 months dropped nearly 50lbs. Aiming for 1000 calorie deficit daily which means if I exercise I can have about 2000k which gets me by without hunger and means as long as I avoid the unnecessary indulgent stuff it's not too hard.
  7. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Sort of nice to know its not just me, although obviously, you have my sympathy.

    I'm 20 stone give or take, which clearly isn't helping here!

    Were you carrying a lot of weight too? How long have you been doing core exercises & is it getting better?
  8. Aye too much and for too many years . As I say the core work seems to be working and I think it will help but as the latest tweak shows it can't be rushed . I want to join an actual Pilates class and do it right . Could do with a bit massage at same time truth be known but I don't fancy shelling out.
  9. PTR

    PTR Striker

    You know what, I might be able to claim sports massage on my company medical. I'll have to look into that. Pre-existing conditions might be the kicker.

    Daydream Believer on here keeps trying to get me to look more into the stretching, yoga type things, which I've honestly not given much thought to so far - probably because I'm scared of looking like a complete and utter tit in front of people. Whereas with the gym, I already knew my way around from when I was young - and just needed to change to a different routine.

    Might be a good idea though - My gym might even do them (edit: Nope)
  10. Pilates is very good.
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  11. I look at it as a kinder way to treat your body mate and the evidence is both of ours have obviously not been liking something .
    Little point in dragging it into a gym and kicking it's head in more so I am trying to work with it and encourage it rather than batter it into submission like I did for years .
    Same with the diet , I am looking at eating right as an act of self kindness rather than an act of denial and it seems to be easier.
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  12. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Just bottled my first set. Final Squats

    Felt something in right quad and left thigh on the 4th set. Decided not to risk it.


    That's my all time bench record though.
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