23 years tonight, another cracking away trip (thanks Statcat)

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It was one of our better nights, I can't believe it's so long ago, saying that Forest havn't been in the top division for 20 years now and Leeds now up to 15 years , hopeully we don't have to wait that long
I was there although I can’t remember much.

Stuart Pearce was still playing for them iirc and was pinging long diagonal passes from left back. He’d stopped making his marauding forward runs by that time.


..... 4 nil up at Forest by half time with SNQ bagging a treble. 👌👌

Went down on mini bus with Tommy L and the lads - Tommy had his lass with him - he sure knows how to treat a lady on a wedding anniversary:lol:champers all owa.

Another balmy Mediterranean type night.

Shame Reidy couldn't keep us up, but we went so close.
Aye. If Quinny had been fit all season we'd have stayed up easily.