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2021 UK City Of Culture - Results Thread

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Boris Bear, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Struts

    Struts Midfield

    Mags decking themselves out in City and Wasps tops as we speak.
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  2. kwillhen

    kwillhen Full Back

    He must of paused his TV:)
  3. It's a canny pub but a bit slow getting served.
  4. Bladecat

    Bladecat Striker

    They probably submitted their bid after the deadline...bastards
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  5. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    This, we can keep our true identity now. Dougie Giro, Dave the Rave, the derelict Vaux site, dog shite on the sea front. Stick culture up your arse.
  6. The

    The Central Defender

    Burn it down.
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  7. The biggest shithole in the UK.
  8. Bear

    Bear Striker

    Should’ve delayed the decision for 5hrs
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  9. squashjoe

    squashjoe Striker

    Just passing the envelopes around in the middle of the studio.
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  10. Really? I thought Swansea or Paisley since England and NI already had one.
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  11. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    There hasn't been a delay joke for three posts now mind.
  12. Roker Mackem

    Roker Mackem Striker

    Used to losing
  13. Lammi

    Lammi Midfield

    This ^
  14. Don't forget Jimmy the snail .
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  15. roberto

    roberto Winger

    Begrudgingly well done Coventry, I hope they do well. My dad was from there and we saw the '87 cup final together. Cracking match
  16. the boot

    the boot Full Back

    Too close to hull?
  17. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    The real people of the city.
  18. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Well Done Len
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  19. rapscallion

    rapscallion Midfield

    Bid team mustn't have paid the piper.
  20. Yeah, no other town has an old fire station .
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