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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Cee Jay, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. David Millar getting pelters following Valverde's (Not doping, no Sireeee) win at the worlds.

    David Millar on Twitter
  2. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Can't stand Millar...clean or doper just massively annoying
  3. Scotty

    Scotty Winger

    anyone would think that Valverde was one of the pros who had supported Millar in his CPA bid

  4. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Also probably been offered an invite to join Millars Rocacorba club....and what a bunch of bellends that includes :lol:
  5. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    Took the eldest to Redbridge cycling centre at the weekend for a couple of hours. Hired him a kids road bike and he loved it. Been looking around on the internet to get ideas for one in case he wants to stick with it but the options for 20” road bikes is so limited, plus some of them are about 500 quid, crazy!
  6. Ride out today on the tracks up to Hownsgill. Absolutely perfect weather.
    On a par with skiing for enjoyment when weather and conditions are good.
  7. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Short sleeved weather and lovely....but turns shit for weekend

    What a fucking shock :rolleyes:

    Winter bike time any day now
  8. Manuel

    Manuel Winger

    Bought new tubeless tyres for CX thought I would run them with tubes until I get valves and tape sorted, absolute twats to get on nipped two tubes, spat dummy out, gave in and am going to order some outright tubeless rims rather than tubeless capable and have put some road tyres on. Let's see how quick it can be.
  9. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Run tubes with my tubeless wheels on best bike....fucker to get on mind
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  10. Al

    Al Midfield

    I've been pootling around that Norfolk on the old touring bike a bit this week. Today Mrs Al (just no) & I stopped in a churchyard to eat our sandwiches and found a 2nd War memorial cemetery with graves of airmen - British, New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians and Germans. To be honest I'm a bit taken aback by how much it has affected me. Nearly all in their early 20s when they died. It looked like most of the pilots there who died in 1940 were just 20.
    As they say - we don't know we're born.
  11. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

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  12. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

  13. Al

    Al Midfield

  14. D.A

    D.A Striker

  15. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

  16. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger

  17. Al

    Al Midfield

    The stem hasn't failed. It's the handlebar that has cracked & failed at the point where the stress is highest. They are maybe 20 years old so maybe just clattered over one too many potholes.
    Actually I'm with you on the 2 bolt stem thing though, just because it instinctively seems to make sense to spread the load over 4 bolts. Although I will be taking the opportunity to fit a new & 4-bolt stem like but only because the old bars were 1" dia and I'll be getting some new 31.8mm die ones.

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