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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Cee Jay, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Cee Jay

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  2. Walter Ego

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    Bike nonces unite.
  3. Gloster Mackem

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    Thank you to the poster who dropped the PlanetX sale link in the previous thread. I now have a significantly lighter wallet and a pissed off wife.

    Goals for this year: 7000miles and three triathlons, starting with Snowdon in May. Maybe Geneva after that.
  4. Done a grand total of 43km so far this year; hopefully get out this weekend if the weather improves
  5. Fucking soaked riding home from work last two days. Still, better than a bus wanker.
    Hoping for a relatively mild next couple of months.
  6. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Nee plans/targets miles wise or nowt like that.

    Majorca booked for Easter, hope to get there in September as well.....and possibly cheeky short break to Girona cycling for wife’s birthday ?

    Oh and a nice new bike to be added to bike family ;)

    Dry but cold with wind tomorrow..

    And it’s miles ffs ;)
  7. Going cycling in Mallorca in March. Bit scared, as going with people who can actually go fast. (a club)

    Correct. You should be able to ban people from a thread.
  8. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay Striker

    Shields or Clarion ? A club should be taking care of all abilities ...split into faster/slower groups etc

    Late or early March ?
    We went once when Easter was early and the only time in Mallorca when weather iffy.
  9. Walter Ego

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  10. Middle of march. Hoping it'll be mid teens but sunny.

    Going with the Blaydon club. I hope there will be a mix as there's a fair few who enjoy an ale. I can always take a day off if its too much work.

    Hiring a flash DI2 bike for the week. :)
  11. Walter Ego

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  12. Billy Fish

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    You're welcome
  13. Canny Crack

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    Wish I could get some MILES in like. I've not been able to do owt since 6th December. Came off the bike & did me shoulder in. Waited 2 weeks to get surgery (ac joint reconstruction) & don't know how long before getting back on the bike. Can't even get on the turbo yet :(. I've got 3 bikes sitting in the garage doing nowt. Every now & then I go in & have a chat with them :lol::oops:
  14. Dave Herbal

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    Woo hoo bikes threads at #1 and 2.
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  15. Best wishes with your recovery mate !
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  16. Goals. Get fitter = faster than last year.
    Beat last years milage. Going for 8,000 miles.
    Previous climbing stats to be shattered. Not checked, so don't know what they are.
    Generally, just become a fast pensioner.
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  17. I'd be happy if I manage 2000 miles this year, jesus christ!
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  18. Did the Seaham circular last year, and the timekeeper made a right mess of me and the wifes times.

    Er. Faster pensioner. I'll never be fast.
  19. D.A

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    Don't put the pensha one on the same day as the great North run...
  20. Cee Jay

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    Good thing about hiring a bike..you can try summat flash

    Fuck having a day off...just time an easy day.
    Should be in low to mid twenties I’d guess...not bad ;)

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