1999 Football League Challenge

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by scallyban, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. scallyban

    scallyban Central Defender

    Anyone remember this momentous occassion?

    A glorified friendly, played in front of a half full SOL, at the end of the 1998/99 season. Something to do with you lot being the last team to win the football league that century and us being the team, at the time, to win it the most.

    They even played the national anthem before kick off as if it was a cup final. It might have even been televised!

    A few things i remember from this night are:-

    1 - Your lot not being best pleased when the 600 (approx) away fans sang You'll Never Walk Alone rather than God Save The Queen.

    2 - Bayern Munich flags amongst the travelling fans (Man Utd had them the following week in the European Cup final).

    3 - A lone Sunderland fan in replica top windmilling in to the away end. Don't think he actually hit anyone and our end just looked at him in bemusement. He then walked back to his seat and carried on watching the game.

    Anyone on here attend this or even remember it?
  2. yep I was there - thats about all I remember
  3. rocky

    rocky Striker

    I was there, kicked the fuck out of every scouser there.
  4. Wally

    Wally Central Defender

    did yous wear those horrible dark green strips? is that the game, Micky Owen got a couple or something?
  5. scallyban

    scallyban Central Defender

    You must have been the lone ranger who came windmilling in to the away end. Crackers you lad!
  6. Trauntrian

    Trauntrian Midfield

    I remember the game, it was indeed the current Football League champions (SAFC) against the team who had won the football league the most times (LFC)

    Can't remember the exact significance (my memory keeps telling me it was a centenary but that's wrong) but it was right at the end of our 105 point season and no-one really gave a smeg, was just looked upon as a post-season friendly and pretty pointless.
  7. scallyban

    scallyban Central Defender

    Think we did wear the green kit. Fuck knows who scored though.
  8. rocky

    rocky Striker

    I remember one vicious kick to an old ladies head, should have heard the bitch scream.
  9. Weremuthe

    Weremuthe Striker

    Liverpool won, they won a glass trophy made in the local National Glass Centre and its still on show in their Trophy room.
  10. Il Postino Pat

    Il Postino Pat Striker

    It was something to do with the football league centenary but like you say without it actually being the centenary.

    Ince scored the winner
  11. Carino

    Carino Winger

    alan jhonstone scored a belter for us. Probably his last appearence for us.

    think redknapp got one for liverpool. They won 2-1.

    Actually paraded the trophy in front of their fans and were celebrating like it actually ment something. Bizarre.

    They did wear the green kit.
  12. I was there. That's all I can remember. Oh and I tried Carlsberg for the first time after seeing it sponsored on your bottle green shirt.
  13. steven

    steven Winger

    Completely forgot about this. ISTR that it was televised on Sky, yeah.
  14. Il Postino Pat

    Il Postino Pat Striker

  15. scallyban

    scallyban Central Defender

    I was there and don't remember this. We must have been taking the piss.

    The whole occassion seemed a bit bizare to be honest!
  16. homeless kid

    homeless kid Striker

    Yeah I was there. 3-2 it was.

    I also remember going to an England youths v Brazile youths game at the SSOL.

    I'd turn up to the opening of an envelope at that stage though.

    Anyone remember the reserve games at the SSOL - I think we played the mags and then was it Man Utd when about 35,000 people turned up? :eek:
  17. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    Didn't Kevin Phillips get injured in this? Hamstring??
  18. Il Postino Pat

    Il Postino Pat Striker

    Sunderland 2 Liverpool 3

    By Damian Spellman, PA Sport

    Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler scored on his return from a six-match ban as his side won the Football League 100th Championship Challenge at Sunderland.

    The England marksman was on target from the penalty spot to cancel out Allan Johnston's third-minute opener after the 100th champions had made the early running against the side who have claimed the title a record 18 occasions.

    Jamie Redknapp and Kevin Phillips made it 2-2 before Reds skipper Paul Ince saw his shot deflected past keeper Thomas Sorensen for the winner 13 minutes from time.

    But the night ended in agony for England striker Phillips seven minutes later when he appeared to pull a hamstring as he chased down a long ball and was stretchered from the field to warm applause from a crowd of 18,111.

    Sunderland got off to the best possible start when England striker Phillips intercepted Patrik Berger's misguided pass and fed the ball out to Johnston on the left.

    The Scottish international winger cut back inside defender Rigobert Song and curled a shot over wandering keeper Brad Friedel and into the far corner.

    Liverpool gradually warmed to their task as Ince and Redknapp started to play the ball around, but they had to settle for speculative shots from Berger and David Thompson as they struggled to bring Fowler into the game.

    But the England international, back in the team after his ban for the clash with Graeme Le Saux and his controversial goal celebrations in the Merseyside derby, found his way on to the scoresheet seven minutes before the break from the penalty spot.

    Substitute Jean Michel Ferri, on for the injured Karlheinz Riedle, was felled by Chris Makin and Fowler slammed the ball home.

    Liverpool continued to pressure their hosts after the break as the impressive Thompson and Fowler linked up to put Song away on the right, Craddock's attempted clearance hitting Fowler and running wide after 56 minutes.

    But the Merseysiders took the lead 11 minutes later when the Sunderland defence failed to clear their lines and Redknapp nipped in to round Sorensen and slide the ball home from close range.

    Phillips got his first real chance 20 minutes from time after substitute Danny Dichio flicked on Sorensen's clearance, but he lifted the ball high over the bar under the close attention of defender Djimi Traore, on for Berger.

    But the diminutive striker, who scored 25 times during his side's championship campaign, was not to be denied and he finally found his way on to the scoresheet six minutes later when he stooped to head Gavin McCann's near-post free-kick past Friedel.

    The Sunderland fans were still celebrating when Ince's speculative effort took a deflection and trickled past the helpless Sorensen to restore his side's lead.

    But the home fans will be more worried about the injury to their hero Phillips after he was stretchered off late in the game.
  19. Trauntrian

    Trauntrian Midfield

    This was the same season as the Challenge game. They declared the Man U reserve match a free game so 35000 people turned up which if I recall is a record for a reserve match (or was at the time) then they decided to have the mags reserve game there as well but charge £1 for tickets with the money going to charity. About a quarter turned up!!!

    Ah! It was to 100th League Championship (ie missing out the war years etc.)
  20. homeless kid

    homeless kid Striker

    I think the real reason that they charged a quid against the mags was because they couldn't claim the record for the biggest reserve game crowd if the tickets were free.

    Around that time the club were a bit obsessed with breaking records. Like the "biggest flag in the world" that got laid on the pitch for 5 minutes before each game before an army of ball boys folded it and put it away :oops:
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