100 Best crime novels and thrillers since 1945

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    Cheers for this

    All fiction obviously?

    Will take a look
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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit! edge of the seat stuff.
  3. Not his fault. It would be like blaming Johan Cruyff when Jeff Whitley fails to execute a Cruyff turn

    On the subject of novels in this genre written by women, (I can't get behind the paywall to actually look at the article so sorry if they're all mentioned), I'd expect to see some Patricia Highsmith, Val McDermid, Daphne du Maurier, and for something a bit more modern, Sara Gran
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  4. I wasn't suggesting for one minute that it was. Apologies if that's how it came across.
    There's a certain type of writer who attempts to emulate certain American authors and believe that the only reason they don't have a publishing deal is that publishers are afraid of their genius.:lol:
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    not subscribed to Times so can't see full list... but when it comes to crime thriller novels, etc I take it espionage is included and le Carré rides high? But also that Marathon Man by William Goldman is up there? (ended up as brilliant thriller/film in the 70's)… also rated the early dark comedy/crime novels from late 90's by Christopher Brookmyre (seem to remember one having a scene at the SoL) and back in the 80's the Eric van Lustbader crime stories where east meets west (Black Heart, The Kaisho, etc) were or are worth a read
  6. Any Patricia Cornwell or Martina Cole on there ?

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