100 Best crime novels and thrillers since 1945

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  1. Behind a paywall but you can read a couple articles free per week if you register.
    Interesting list. Some I love, some I think are rubbish and some I've never heard of. Couple of slightly obscure ones that I like in there as well. Pleased to see Joe Lansdale get a bit of recognition, a very underrated writer.
    The 100 best crime novels and thrillers since 1945
  2. Fletch

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    is it in any particular order ? if so.. copy n paste the top 10 on here :lol:
  3. Bob Fleming

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    Got to have a bit John Le Carre in there
  4. jacko100

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    Saw Marian Keyes bitching about this on twitter yesterday, disgusted that there were only 28 female authors on the list.
  5. No, just alphabetically by author then a bit blurb under each one so not a simple cut and paste. I did consider it then decided I couldn't be arsed.:lol:
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  6. riffraff

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    They’ve got Agatha Christie in there ffs. She wrote detective novels not crime novels. Anyway if detective novels are included then:

    Elmore Leonard. Swag.
    Elmore Leonard. Pagan Babies.
    Elmore Leonard. Bandits.
    George V Higgins. The Friends Of Eddie Coyle.
    Ross MacDonald. The Blue Hammer.
    Raymond Chandler. The Big Sleep.
    James Crumley. The Last Good Kiss.
    Dashiel Hammet. The Maltese Falcon.
    James Lee Burke. Black Cherry Blues.
    Mine........when it gets written.

    Bollocks to 1945

    Nivver knew he wrote crime novels.
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  7. Bob Fleming

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    Crime and thriller is the category. Le Carre would be classed as thriller wouldn't it? Spy stuff.

    And what's the difference between a crime and detective novel? It would be a fucking shite detective novel if there was nee crime in it :D
  8. GK

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    Detective novels are crime novels
  9. Scotsmackem

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    What's the detectives doing if they're not solving crimes? Travel writing?
  10. riffraff

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    Crime novels from criminals side.
    Irrelevant really.
  11. Medulla

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    The Girl on the fucking Train! Haway man! :lol:
  12. Lexingtongue

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    Be interested to know what the Japanese ones are. If it's Sixty Four, well, that novel was just abysmal.
  13. Let's make it 27.:lol:
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  15. Medulla

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    I stupidly left it too late to sort books for holiday a few years ago and ended up buying this at the airport.

    Not terrible by any means, but at best an average page turner. And I'm starting to think I'm actually being a bit kind.
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  16. Gone Girl is in there and I think that is dreadful. More twists than a bowl of spaghetti and not a single character you give a shit about. You don't have to like a character to care what happens to them but I would have been happy if the whole place had been bombed halfway through and the rest of the book was blank pages.
  17. American Tabloid by James Ellroy

    You're welcome
  18. Medulla

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    Not read it but seen the film - ISTR there's an utterly ridiculous twist in the film about half-way through that is so diabolical it ruins the remainder, so that rings true.
  19. The film is marginally better although I watched it under sufferance. The book has even more ridiculous twists.

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