‘High likelihood of human civilisation coming to end’ by 2050

Be about right. Be due my state pension around then and I knew the bastards would never let me have it.

What's the bets we're on the verge of winning a trophy that season too.


That’s an extreme view. The truth is probably somewhere in between that and the climate change refusers
Wonder who the last person to post on here will be and what they will say?
Well the electricity, and the internet will fail long before the end leaving scattered patches of enlightened internet users who will gradually decrease in numbers as we enter an apocalyptic cannibalistic phase before all trace of the internet suddenly vanishes. Living in caves, surrounded by our own faces, no running water etc. Very much what the people of shields experience today.

Having said that it will probably be DM who, having run out of posts to comment on, will probably end up trolling himself. "Imagine believing this is the end :lol:"