‘Child’ asylum seekers were adults

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  1. Asylum seeker 'children' found to be adults

    Twenty-four asylum seekers who claimed they were children after being sent to Liverpool were found to be adults, the city's council has said.


    As they had been assessed as children in Liverpool, the council was obliged to support them - the costs of which are "approximately £657,000 per year".
  2. EDGE

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    Lawyers rubbing their hands with glee.
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  3. heroesof73

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    Think they would probably rub summat else first to confirm they were adults:lol:;)
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  4. The Falcon

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    There's a surprise !
  5. Every benefit system has been abused by someone somewhere. Look at the money that was stolen when Grenfel went up and people claimed they lost everything when they were nothing to do with it.
    Wherever you get money you get greedy criminal people
  6. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    And 15 not assessed as children when they should have been.

    Suppose it's a tricky process when even African footballers dinnit know their own age...;)
  7. HABA87

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    Not as good as our home grown benefit fraudsters IMO.
  8. dom

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    Hard cheese.
    Welcome to Liverpool.
  9. b1gals

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  10. Lewberry pie

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    Much like our beautiful british peadophiles, they're display much more Britishness.
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  11. Mickdundee

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    You’ve spent Tommy Robinson wrong!
  12. Lone Wolf

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    Can’t really blame them, they aren’t exactly swimming over with there passports and birth certificates in hand. How are they ever going to know?
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  13. bonsai

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    They must have had serious suspicion that some of them were not kids but were too scared to raise the issue as to the backlash.
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  14. The Falcon

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    That's how bad all this pc has become, people are terrified of being branded racist, it's fucking outrageous
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  15. :lol:

    When you go swimming do you forget when you were born?
  16. Lone Wolf

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    Can’t blame the authorities for not knowing!
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  17. bigmarlon

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    Jesus wept.
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  18. EDGE

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    Is there a TR pound?
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  19. Aituk7

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    Well I am flabbergasted :rolleyes:
  20. Was it the beards and barldy heeds that gave them away .

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