£200m Sunderland Blueprint


Look at the Sunderland ARC wiki history section ffs.How many more times do I have to spell it out.It was first appointed in 1999.

No chance with an unvisionary,failing and backward thinking labour council.Vaux site = another wasted opportunity.

Then you have to ask why didnt our represetative council leader and more impirtantly Labour mp s not give this city a true voice by protesting so this city got its fair share ?
And why dont the leaders & MP's of Wolverhampton, Wirral, Bradford, Bolton protest against the money going to Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester respectively?
Do you see a pattern here? Well you probably dont as you're too hung up on blaming the council for something that happened 100 years ago.

And actually standing up for the city is arguably one of the reasons devolution never happened.

As for Durham, yes its prettier (councils fault the normans built a cathedral?) But all my inlaws live in Durham & theyll all tell you that Sunderland is loads better for shopping & night out

The Arc - as you were told the other day it wasnt appointed in 99, that was just the task force (ie a steering group) the actual organisation wasnt created until '02
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