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To open a new window on our interactive message board please click below.

The RTG/ALS message board is an open forum and contains postings of many users other than RTG and ALS staff. You may well find swear words and other obscenities contained in the messages. If you are likely to be offended by this, we suggest you go no further.

If on the other hand you enjoy debating the joys and misery of supporting Sunderland AFC, what are you waiting for!

Registration is now compulsory for users wishing to post messages and is strongly recommended for people viewing the board as this will give you extra features (eg. being able to view messages since your last visit). Web-based e-mail addresses (hotmail, yahoo, lycos etc) are not valid for registration and you will need to use a proper fixed e-mail address.

All message board users are referred to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages, which as well as answering some questions on the use of the board gives details of our acceptable use policies.

Enter the SMB!

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