RT @GtrMcSAFCSA: We're on our way @SunderlandAFC @RokerReport @BlcSafc
- Sunday May 26 - 11:32am

RT @GtrMcSAFCSA: On our way to Wembley. 🤞 ⁦@Flashbarmike⁩ ⁦@JoeSimpson66⁩ ⁦@glen73safc@jibbythoughts@gmur1973@Buntingfootball @melani
- Sunday May 26 - 11:32am

RT @GtrMcSAFCSA: Some of our lot at wealdstone fc
- Sunday May 26 - 11:31am

On our way to Wembley. 🤞 ⁦@Flashbarmike⁩ ⁦@JoeSimpson66⁩ ⁦@glen73safc@jibbythoughts@gmur1973@Buntingfootball
- Sunday May 26 - 11:21am

Some of our lot at wealdstone fc
- Sunday May 26 - 11:08am

@SunderlandAFC @RokerReport @BlcSafc 10 mins away from Wealdstone FC Social Club
- Sunday May 26 - 10:08am

We're on our way @SunderlandAFC @RokerReport @BlcSafc
- Sunday May 26 - 9:09am

RT @Keawyeds: @GtrMcSAFCSA I suspect most of you will be at Wembley, but for those of us who haven’t been able to make it, is anyone up for…
- Saturday May 25 - 8:08pm

RT @SunderlandAFC: Tickets for Sunday's Play-Off Final are now only available via @TicketmasterUK's online box office 'til 5pm today. Book…
- Saturday May 25 - 2:42pm

RT @SunderlandAFC: 📍 Our Fan Zone at @wembleystadium on Sunday will be at the Arena Square! Open: 5⃣ hours before kick-off Entry: Free He…
- Saturday May 25 - 2:38pm

RT @RokerReport: Today is your last chance!
- Saturday May 25 - 2:35pm

@JonothanScollen Tickets gone
- Saturday May 25 - 10:16am

@JonothanScollen Manchester Branch has one spare over 65 ticket in 509 row 11, free to good home. Branch member has…
- Saturday May 25 - 9:13am

RT @OscarJCMedia: 🎬 My final video of the season. Next stop, @wembleystadium. #SAFC #NotDoneYet
- Saturday May 25 - 7:55am

RT @RedAndWhite2017: 2 clubs have made 2 Wembley Finals this season. Treble winning Man City at the FA & EFL Cup who took 65k in total (sol…
- Saturday May 25 - 7:53am

RT @sunechosafc: Charlton reveal their final Wembley ticket sales total as Sunderland give important update to supporters #SAFC #CAFC htt…
- Saturday May 25 - 7:52am

RT @CWaters_SAFC: ⚠️Important information for supporters who haven't received their tickets yet. Please follow these instructions.⚠️ Our…
- Friday May 24 - 7:38pm

RT @CWaters_SAFC: If you are waiting on tickets and are unable to get through to ticketmaster please take your ID and ticket email confirma…
- Friday May 24 - 4:36pm

RT @CWaters_SAFC: WEMBLEY UPDATE Please note that the is now closed. I hope you all got sorted with tickets in the end an…
- Friday May 24 - 4:36pm

Wealdstone FC social club, about 8 miles from wembley. Aiming to get there for 11am
- Friday May 24 - 12:03pm