RT @sunechosafc: Exclusive: #SAFC games are set to go behind closed doors - with the EFL unveiling radical plans to finish the season in ju…
- Thursday Apr 9 - 8:52pm

RT @sunechosafc: 🗣️ “If they want me to leave because they think I'm incompetent and can't get the football right, I understand that. But i…
- Thursday Apr 9 - 8:49pm

RT @sunechosafc: Good news! 🙌 #SAFC
- Wednesday Apr 8 - 9:05pm

RT @JamesCopley_: 🗓 #OnThisDay in 1973, #SAFC's FA Cup dream continues with a 2-1 win against Arsenal in the semi-final at Hillsborough. 🤔…
- Tuesday Apr 7 - 2:01pm

👏 👀 @glen73safc @harry_horton @gmur1973 @Flashbarmike @JoeSimpson66 @CraigBurlinson @MScorer @dhaikney
- Tuesday Apr 7 - 2:01pm

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- Tuesday Apr 7 - 1:25pm

RT @sunechosafc: #SAFC place all players on furlough - but make a key wage pledge 🗞️ ✍️ @Phil__Smith
- Tuesday Apr 7 - 1:24pm

@dhaikney @Alex_J_Casey @TheHoboKingRex
- Monday Apr 6 - 8:54am

@dhaikney Another one from the same match. At least 3 branch members here, @Alex_J_Casey @TheHoboKingRex and Richard Cleary. Any more?
- Monday Apr 6 - 8:31am

RT @dhaikney: Presumably they liked my work from Brief Cut-scene #83 in S1. I’m going to apply to imdb
- Monday Apr 6 - 8:26am

@dhaikney plus branch members Dean Kitchen, Davis Woodley and Tony Wiggins perhaps? 😳 @glen73safc @gmur1973
- Monday Apr 6 - 8:26am

RT @dhaikney: Delighted me and the A-bomb made the cut for S2.
- Monday Apr 6 - 8:21am

Netflix star & branch member @dhaikney with Archie & @MScorer ‘s dad Alan. 😄 Any 1 spot any 1 else from branch?…
- Monday Apr 6 - 8:21am

RT @sunechosafc: Exclusive: How a former #SAFC man wants to help send Premier League talent on loan to Wearside ✍️ @markdonnelly_ https:/…
- Monday Apr 6 - 8:09am

RT @ALS_Fanzine: The BBC has just released 56 radio commentaries of classic sporting events. We are talking the World Cup Final 66, Europea…
- Saturday Apr 4 - 10:54pm

RT @RedAndWhite2017: If you've watched #SunderlandTilIDie you'll have seen the flags make an appearance. Hopefully you agree their introduc…
- Saturday Apr 4 - 10:53pm

RT @MattyH445: Binged @Fulwell73’s S2 Sunderland ‘Til I Die Goosebumps every intro to @TheLakePoets 100% getting @LukeONien shirt next se…
- Wednesday Apr 1 - 7:40pm

RT @harryascroft: Sunderland “Till I die” series is unbelievable. Very well made 🙌🏼
- Wednesday Apr 1 - 7:39pm

RT @sunechosafc: How to watch 📺 The time streaming starts ⌚️ What to look out for 🔎 All the key details on season two of Sunderland 'Til…
- Tuesday Mar 31 - 10:23pm

RT @sunechosafc: 🗣 League One bosses are at loggerheads, what do you think? #SAFC ⬇️🔴⚪️
- Monday Mar 30 - 7:00pm