@Mick_Mack_78 @dmdkitch over to you two
- Thursday Oct 18 - 11:01pm

RT @englishfolkexpo: Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester speaking of Cotton Famine, TUC, suffragettes & relationship between folk son…
- Thursday Oct 18 - 7:03pm

RT @SunderlandAFC: It's 2018 and still one in five people in the UK are living in poverty. Globally, one in nine children die from hunger.…
- Wednesday Oct 17 - 11:21am

RT @Keawyeds: @safclancaster It's a Tuesday night so it could be a bit complicated for folk. Some from @GtrMcSAFCSA might come up. I'd poss…
- Tuesday Oct 16 - 12:47pm

RT @safclancaster: Fancy meeting up before the match on the 13th November?
- Tuesday Oct 16 - 12:47pm

RT @BlcSafc: Outstanding support again from the red and white faithful
- Monday Oct 15 - 9:00pm

RT @CotonAnthony: @SunderlandAFC @Only1Argyle Magnificent support the lads really appreciate your commitment to following the team everywhe…
- Monday Oct 15 - 8:58pm

RT @SunderlandAFC: Backed by the best!👏 Our 800+ mile round trip to @Only1Argyle has now sold out. #SAFC #WEARONOURWAY…
- Monday Oct 15 - 8:58pm

RT @tfMichael1892: Would you actively support the formation of a breakaway FC UNITED style club at #NUFC?
- Friday Oct 12 - 10:00pm

RT @SunderlandAFC: ‼️#SAFC has reached an agreement with Didier Ndong for his departure... Full statement just here 👇…
- Friday Oct 12 - 11:53am

RT @salutsunderland: The Salut! #safc Branch Lines series featuring @SunderlandAFC supporters' club branches stays closer to home with Nort…
- Friday Oct 12 - 11:52am

@MackemNeil84 Yes no problem mate. Find the coach with the other coaches after the game. White coach with safc poster in window
- Saturday Oct 6 - 1:28pm

@RichJohnG £20 each. Will see you outside the ground
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:28am

@Tommy_Humphrey @RRSAFCTickets Sorry went straight away to @RichJohnG
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:26am

@RichJohnG If you follow us. I'll DM phone number
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:13am

@RichJohnG Yes. Ok. They're yours. We're going to a club in cleckheaton first then we'll get to the ground about 2.30ish
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:12am

@ElliottMCoach @RRSAFCTickets You sorted yet. We've got 2 together
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:10am

@Bells0002 @RRSAFCTickets You sorted yet? We've got 2 adults together
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:10am

@charlieconway0 @RRSAFCTickets You sorted yet? We've got 2 two together
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:09am

@RichJohnG @RRSAFCTickets @RokerReport You sorted yet? We've got 2 together
- Saturday Oct 6 - 10:07am