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SMB Charitry Football Match 2012

Discussion in '5-a-side' started by Scott1CG, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Scott1CG

    Scott1CG New Member

    Is this happening this year after last years success? Was pretty decent even if i did nack me back.

    Reckon we could get more people this year and play proper 11 a side on proper grass with proper goals etc..

    Start the donating much earlier, cracking result in donations last year.

    Edit: Mixed teams this year anarl, nee " mates " playing on the same team cause they nar each other, names should get drawn out of a hat IMO.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2012
  2. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    I've no idea who half the lads were and still don't.

    I do know Crammy Mackem is from Cramlington though. :lol:
  3. Scott1CG

    Scott1CG New Member

    Me anarl mate.

    I nar Mackem00 cause he scored past is, i think.

    Girojim and Banana Boy look exactly like each other.

    Siddal injured himself near the end and that's the arnly reason i can remember what he looks like.

    TB cause he's sexy.

    This was obviously so, so popular.

    Fucking hell haway man.
  4. Barry Siddall

    Barry Siddall Striker

    and still fecken injured :cry:
  5. Connolly_31

    Connolly_31 Striker

    I'll definitely play this year like. Gutted I missed last years.
  6. ChrisHunt

    ChrisHunt Striker

    :lol: I might referee this years as I was pretty useless at left back last year.

    Dibs on ref
  7. If I'm in the ne I'm playing center half or up front intact ill have a free role
  8. Wilfy

    Wilfy Striker

    No chance, it was bad enough crook mackem playing with 37 at any one time never mind him having the ref in his pocket. Oh and you look like Robbie Savage so you have to play.
  9. watsonuk1

    watsonuk1 Winger

    can't wait to kick a few of you twats
  10. no aim no luck

    no aim no luck Midfield

    didn't play in the last one, was to shy to say out, but would like to play in this one if there's space.
  11. Joe Fabulous

    Joe Fabulous New Member

    I wont be playing, divnt want to show yous all up like!!:roll:
  12. karlm14

    karlm14 Striker

    Well there is an SMB team that plays in a league twice a week incase no one knows. (see 5 a side forum) and we have a squad of about 14 I think including 3 keepers. So there's a team and a half without more interest.
  13. Barry Siddall

    Barry Siddall Striker

    That was 83.5% of all people that turned up stood around like bellends
  14. Banana Boy

    Banana Boy Striker

    I'll play again like.
  15. ChrisHunt

    ChrisHunt Striker

    You did a good job of being compere until your knee exploded.

    Wilfy turned to drink right after the match and was swigging vodka from a coke bottle just after full time.

    I needn't talk like, I sat and had a brandy and a smoke while he tried to do our half time teamtalk.
  16. no aim no luck

    no aim no luck Midfield

    well depends when it is a might know a couple off the C2C, so won't be as shy. Plus a reckon it would be different because more people know each other now
  17. Barry Siddall

    Barry Siddall Striker

    you on the C2C ?

    Flav just found someone for us to pick on
  18. whitey

    whitey Winger

    You did meg mackem00 though don't let him forget it ;)
  19. MalcolmX

    MalcolmX Winger

    not me though baz

    aye gerrin fresh meat :)
  20. no aim no luck

    no aim no luck Midfield

    aye am on the C2C. Am sure you can try any way :)
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