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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Seaham_Strangler, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. i had an interview for a gas fitter apprenticeship a few weeks back, and as expected got my sorry you were not good enough letter today, if i had have known the interview would have had nothing to do with why i should get the job and what my skills were but instead an exam on how many people gentoo employs or how many council tennants they have on their books and other arse kissing related questions id have sailed through. anyone else fell foul of their application process before?. lives and learns ey
  2. You should always research a company before going for an interview.
  3. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Did you pause for breath during the interview?
  4. Gallows Kebabs

    Gallows Kebabs New Member

    You do live and learn mate but in a couple of seconds I found this out about them

    Gentoo is a people and property business that exists solely to generate and deliver enduring opportunities and solutions.

    Their firm foundations were laid in Sunderland in 2001, when the City’s tenants voted overwhelmingly to transfer 36,000 homes to Gentoo (then SHG). In their first 5 years, Gentoo have shown commitment, with over £400 million invested back into people and property.

    During this period, Gentoo have had a number of success stories, including achieving the Decent Homes standard for their housing stock five years ahead of schedule, increasing the value of their stock to over £1 billion and commencement of an ambitious programme of housing renewal – using Housing Association Grant levels that are among the lowest in the UK.

    Gentoo Sunderland is the Housing Association of the Gentoo Group, responsible for delivering core housing management services and maintenance to approximately 70,000 customers in 30,000 homes. Customer service and business improvement is high on their agenda, with over 4,000 customers actively involved.

    Employing over 650 staff across the City, Gentoo Sunderland provide a wide range of services for customers, from tackling anti-social behaviour to carrying out repairs and maintenance.

    Gentoo now want to build on their successes to date and go on to achieve even more. With a vision that encompasses more than property alone, Gentoo aim to have a tangible, positive effect on the way people and communities live, develop and improve.

  5. ayesane

    ayesane Winger

    research, research, research. But aye, you do live and learn; you know for next time that you need to know who you're applying to work for.
  6. UncleSammy

    UncleSammy Goalkeeper

    Set of twats.
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