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Chipshop curry and gravy, whats the secret?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by tunstall birdman, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Why can you not buy any that taste the same? There are many brands on the shelf in supermarkets that proclaim they are 'Chipshop' but they are all shite compared to the real thing from the chippy.

    whats the secret in chippys?
  2. bramble is god

    bramble is god New Member

    cum of a foreigner
  3. they get them in big fuck off cartons there's a chippy in winlaton that does immence curry has bits of sweetcorn in it and proper chunky can i fuck remember who the supplier was hope that helps
  4. makum102

    makum102 Winger

    Try Harry Ramsdens chip shop curry sauce sachets 29p in Home Bargains (49p in Morrisons). Exactly like the real stuff for me like. Just add water.

    Ive got a cupboard full of em.
  5. Aye immensely, cheers:-D

    Honestly?:eek: Not kidding and that?
  6. mmmm lumpy chippy gravy. fuckin gorgeous. merrils this weekend
  7. ano one thing the bisto ones are shit, hope that helps also
  8. Anar, bisto is shit on chips.
  9. black-cat

    black-cat Striker

    I knar the secret like, mak me arn as good as chip shop curry every friday for me fish n' chips.

  10. same as chinese gravy i dunno how they do it but its tasty, might just have to ask the fuckers Ooooooooouuuu how u mak that fucking gravy like
  11. Wilfy

    Wilfy Striker

    Curry sauce with fish and chips is just WRANG.
  12. Nar you din'it, otherwise you would tell.;)
  13. black-cat

    black-cat Striker

    I've telt yer before, it's arnly for me chips

    Nor I dee mate, might make you sweat a while that's all ;)
  14. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Oxymoron there like.....
  15. makum102

    makum102 Winger

    I thought it would be shit but for 29p thought it waas worth a bash. Tried it and went back and bought another 20 sachets.

    29p man must be worth a try.

    Its not lumpy like but it tastes just like the chippy stuff.

    found a recipe for that. Start by simmering lard for two days. (I stopped reading after thet bit!)
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2010
  16. bongo

    bongo Guest

    The correct answer, it's exactly like the same stuff because it is the real stuff.
    Take off the Harry Ramsdens brandname and it's actually this.

  17. If it's as long as I have been waiting for my next buck it could be years?:eek:
  18. makum102

    makum102 Winger

  19. If this is the case I will kiss your feet:) 30 odd years of trying to replicate the sauce experience could be answered in one swoop.
  20. black-cat

    black-cat Striker


    Get yersel some of this

    Melt some butter/marge in a pan (amount depends on how much you want to make, could probably use vegetable oil instead, haven't tried that mesel though)

    Add curry powder by the spoonful until you have a paste

    Allow to fry off for a short while

    Add water until you reach desired consistency

    Enfuckingjoy! :cool:
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