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City Centre Car Parking this Weekend

Drivers leaving vehicles in Sunderland city centre for Wembley can get free parking at the Civic Centre car park on Sunday.

Dozens of coaches are leaving Park Lane and the Stadium of Light early on Sunday morning as thousands of fans begin the big day.

More than 30 coaches are expected to leave from Park Lane.

All city centre off street car parks and on street parking bays will be available throughout the weekend.

Councillor James Blackburn, Portfolio Holder for City Services, Sunderland City Council, said: "We all want a good game, the right result and we want everyone to get there and back safely and securely.

"Both St Mary's and Sunniside also offer secure car parking and, if you're arriving early or late for a coach to the match, they are only short walks from the main coach points at Park Lane and the stadium.

"There is free parking at the Civic Centre car park site all Sunday."


Civic Centre car park (585 spaces) - no charges from Saturday 6pm until 8am Monday.

Sunniside car park (653 spaces) is open 24/7. The charges are:

Saturday 8am - 6pm = 90p per hour

6pm - 12 midnight = 50p per hour

Sunday is 50p per hour up to a maximum of 1.

St Marys Car Park (480 spaces) has extended opening hours: The charges that will apply are as follows:

Saturday 8am until Sunday midnight. The car park will close at midnight on the Sunday night.

The charges are Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm = 1.10 per hour

6pm - 8am = 50p per hour

The charges are Sunday 10am - 6pm = 50p per hour up to a maximum of 1.

February 26, 2014

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